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Exploring the World of Electrostatics
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Materials and product testing, from simple resistance measurements to more sophisticated qualification testing using state-of-the-art instrumentation. Laboratory testing is conducted under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. On-site testing is also available. Test methods used include ISO, IEC, CEN, BS, DIN, JIS, AATCC, ASTM and ANSI standards, and other specialised procedures. Here are just a few of the tests we can perform:

  • Resistance measurements
  • Charge decay measurements
  • Tribocharging tests (fabric samples)
  • Tribocharging tests (body voltage)
  • Electrostatic discharge behaviour (charge transfer measurements)
  • Corona onset voltage and corona current
  • Gas probe ignition tests
  • Many other electrosatic tests


Advice and guidance on the avoidance of hazards and problems associated with static electricity, choice of products and materials, product development, testing and certification.


Short training courses for individuals and small groups covering basic electrostatic theory, technologies for controlling static electricity, test methods, standards and codes of practice.