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Holdstock Technical Services was launched on 1st November 2003, but our experience and expertise has been developed over more than two decades.


Dr Paul Holdstock, the Managing Director and Sole Proprietor, graduated with Bachelor of Science Honours in Applied Physics and Computing Science from Manchester Polytechnic, England in 1987. He Joined the Shirley Institute (now part of the British Textile Technology Group) as a research officer in the Electrostatics laboratory. His research studies have included tribocharging of hospital bedding, development of electrically inert fabrics, ignition risks from textile materials (including apparel and industrial fabrics), evaluation of Eurofighter aircrew apparel and electronic damage caused by ESD from textiles. For the latter project he gained a PhD from Bolton Institute / University of Manchester.


Dr Holdstock is a Chartered Physicist and has been a member of the Electrostatics Group at the Institute of Physics since 1988. He is Chairman of the BSI Technical Committee on Electrostatics (GEL/101) and of the IEC Electrostatics Technical Committee (TC101). His standards activities also include membership and convenorship of working groups and project teams in BSI, CEN, CENELEC, IEC and ISO.

... and the new Joint Strike Fighter
Holdstock Technical Services assisted with the development of test methods for aircrew apparel for the Eurofighter ...